Falling Trees


Journal of a final year music tech. project


February 25th, 2011 at 7:31


If we’re using Reaktor as our synthesis engine, we need to find a way of poking it to get it to do what we want – it doesn’t have a scripting engine. But, if we can create instances of it as a VST effect, me might be able to manipulate it from within a host. Cockos Reaper can be scripted (from within) using Python. The bounce audio feature could be very useful.


Lego could be used as a tool for quick and easy modelling. Lego Digital Designer and LDraw might be used to create scenes for our system. It should be possible with a bit of work to find a file format common to the Lego programs and Houdini.

Survey Website

Testing the system will require gauging the response of potential users. We might be able to test some aspects effectively using an online survey instead of direct contact. But, the survey will have to be multimedia-based, maybe involving dragging and dropping. Using ASP.NET (with AJAX, possibly) looks like a solid way to implement a decent multimedia survey. Will have to look into browser compatibility, but this is reassuring.

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